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Colorful Stories. Imagination.

The books keep adding up and the children are delighted!

Have Sara come read one of her children's books and watch her captivate her young audience! 

In The Press


Sara Blau fascinates the children as she reads her books with life and excitement. It's always a pleasure working with Sara!

Fraida Warmflash

Program Director, Levi Yitzchok Library

An all-in-one program that attracted a new crowd to our Chabad House, Sara Blau's Art N Learn was a big hit! Just provide a venue and you are good to go! 

Chyena Yuzevitz

Chabad of Grass Valley

Sara's talk captivated a diverse crowd of all ages. There were women ranging from their 20's to their 80's and there was something that spoke to everyone!

Mushky Yiftach

Jr. N'shei Chabad, LA

Book Reviews

by the Jewish Book Council



Welcome! Thanks for visiting. I wear many hats as a mother, wife, author, and artist, and yet it is really all about one goal:

Using creativity to inspire.  

Please join me!



For any inquiries, please contact Sara Blau:

Tel: 347-407-3601  |

Thanks! Message sent.

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