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Inspiration that

speaks your language.

Impactful speaking engagements, thought-provoking books, and meaningful webinars tailored to the Jewish woman.

Because your ‘ordinary’ life can be extraordinary.

Intentional. Joyful. Fulfilling.

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Sara's talk captivated a diverse crowd of all ages. There were women ranging from their 20's to their 80's and there was something that spoke to everyone!

Mushky Yiftach

Jr. N'shei Chabad, LA

What kind of Wonder Woman are you?

You got me!




You work a 9-5 or perhaps a 24/7. You have your phone reminders down to a tee, but it's not doing it for you. It makes sense, it works. But you drag your feet out of bed. It's not the job or life that's bad, but you're looking for something more. Something that'll keep the hustle purposeful and add a skip in your step. You need burn out relief, something like aloe... but more.

You got me!




It's usually your job to coordinate the events: a class gathering, a community evening, or a ladies' night out. You're also known to whip up memorable events with finesse. The right speaker, the right mood, and the right decor. You know, you're good at making things that hit that sweet spot of entertaining, meaningful, and enjoyable. You're always on the lookout for inspiration that speaks to your crowd.

You got me!




Your kids keep you on your toes and you're always on the run- from carpool to dinners to homework and the bigger deals (you can fill in the blanks). Your fuel, once full, now blinks a red light. You want to give your children and others your all, but you're running dry. Your lips are parched and you're craving more than just a glass of water. You need a glass of inspiration. A refresh to your daily grind

The world can feel very big.

Meaning can appear hard to come by.

Life can seem like an action-oriented performance.
It can feel like eureka moments — the brain illuminating kind of aha!s — are elusive.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

It shouldn’t be that way.

Open your eyes to a world that isn’t that way.

…Because it’s a small [wisdom-filled] world after all.

Connect to G-d, your higher purpose, and your truest self with bountiful information, mind-shifting meditations, and nuggets of brilliance at your fingertips.


Hi! I’m Sara Blau

I’m just like you. Harried at times, dropping balls (I call them monkeys) I should be carrying, and craving that bit of appetite-whetting inspiration to reach that more, tap into a more meaningful reality, and achieve the most of the life G-d wants me to live.


I speak to inspire.


I author women’s books.


Run paint parties.


And have a children’s book series.

So superwomen— yes you! — can take your every day from typical to mythical.

Because Hashem charged us with a mission, formed us with a vision, and blessed us with infinite tools to actualize, achieve, and unearth Him in this world. Want to shine His light?




I bought your book Thought Streams around Hei Teves this year. It has pretty much just sat on the shelf since. (as most my hei teves seforim do, unfortunately..)

This morning I woke up in a not such fun mood. While sitting down for a coffee, I found myself reaching for the book, and opened to a random page. It really spoke to me! And so did the next page. And the next, and the next.

Each piece was so relatable and practical, and so encouraging and comforting!!

Thank you for your brilliant creativity, this gem is no longer gonna sit ignored on the shelf 😇

Chaya B. Brooklyn, NY

Your needs + these resources = a purpose-infused life.




Relatable and down to earth. Sara uses the message of Tanya and Chassidus to inspire growth and motivate positive change.


Recommended for Chabad Houses, Study Groups, Farbrengens, and any group of women looking for some inspiration.

Here’s where I’ve been. Have we met yet?

 Whether old faces or new ones…

“Every mindful meditation in the right direction, is the start of inspiration turned internalization.”


Thought Streams

A book of inspiration and lessons for the busy Jewish woman, Thoughtstreams provides quick and accessible bursts of Torah learning. Its range of topics includes womanhood, marriage, parenting, and festivals. Adapted from the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the author seeks to inspire with meditations written to elevate the everyday.

thought stream.webp

Close to You

Some of our greatest treasures in life are right there within us, but often we need someone to make us aware of them. Close to You does just that — revealing the life-changing methods of the classic book of Tanya in practical and relevant doses of inspiration."


You + me can shake on an awesome collaboration.

Think uplifting, inviting, and impactful experiences waiting to happen.

The twinkle in the eye kind. The understanding nod. The “I am excited about life” whispers.

Reach out and we will create some magic!

Think uplifting community events, bulk book purchases, and other opportunities in the works!


Sara Blau fascinates the children as she reads her books with life and excitement. It's always a pleasure working with Sara!

Fraida Warmflash

Program Director, Levi Yitzchok Library


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